2011 Winter Conference on Concepts in Communication

We are pleased to share the results of our first virtual conference. These items are concept explications and were all submitted by undergraduate students. These selected items represent a variety of concepts, media, and approaches.

Please feel free to view the work. SCLCR members are welcome to make comments on the items.

Panel 1: Videos

You've Been Defamed: A video illustration of the concepts "libel" and "slander." By Benjamin Puccetti

Narrative Fidelity: An interesting use of animation, Hawaiian culture, and communication theory. By Rachael Palompo

Story and Plot: The difference is important but often misunderstood. By Haruna Sugino

Panel 2: Illustrations

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Time and Space Bias: The work of Harold Innis is illustrated in this clarifying image. By Lance Aquino

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History of ABC: Hand drawings and quality research combine to present the last 6,000 of communication media. By Sayako Mochimaru

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Schramm's Model of Communication: Using a classroom example, the cartoon illustrates the model and applies it. By Joey Carasso

Panel 3: Documents/Papers

Click to view full PDF version Cultivation Analysis: George Gerbner's theory is explained by example in this critique of a popular print advertisement. By Christina Alfaro
Click to view full PDF version Subliminal Messages: Protect your brains, they are everywhere. By Ben Meyer
Click to view full PDF version The MPAA: The author explores the underlying motives and history of the Motion Picture Association of America. By Janne Jensen Sundelius